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Tanknot Tankless, Inc. was started by a registered mechanical engineer and licensed plumbing, solar, general and warm air & heating contractor. (Lic. #633078).

This team of highly-trained plumbers have extensive experience in engineering and installing mechanical systems, with an emphasis on mechanical systems.

David is available 24/7 to all clients by phone.

Tanknot Tankless has installed over 700 residential tankless water heaters and innumerable commercial application in restaurants, apartments, salons, health clubs, and the like.

A Registered Mechanical Engineer and founded Tanknot Tankless, Inc.

Our senior engineer has been involved in the energy field for over 20 years, completing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at the residential, commerical and some industrial levels. He is a registered mechanical engineer and licensed plumbing contractor in the State of California (Lic. #633078).
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Our engineer has been the energy manager for an institution with 6 million square feet of space and $9M utility bills. He has executed large mechanical and renewable energy projects, from 800-ton chiller retrofits to utility-scale photovoltaics to bio-gas plants. He has worked with tankless technology for over 18 years and has seen it come into maturity.

Tanknot Tankless BPI

He identified tankless technology for homes and business as an excellent and often overlooked opportunity because they have the dual benefit of both saving energy and maintenance, lasting as much as three times as long as a tank. The team at Tanknot Tankless, Inc. are committed to the successful, correct application of tankless technology for your home or business.

Tanknot Tankless BPI