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Why Tankless Hot Water Heaters are Better

Benefits of Tankless water heater

If you run the hot water beyond capacity, you end up with cold water. There’s nothing you can do except wait an hour or so until the whole tank can heat up again. With tankless, you can run the hot water as long as you want because it never runs out. The water is heated instantly, as you use it and for as long as you need it. A full-sized unit, for example, will supply two showers and a sink. The water won’t get cold during a shower, indefinitely.


Benefits of Tankless water heater

Your hot water tank heats the water every minute, day-and-night, week- after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year, whether you're at home, at work, or out-of-town.
Even with the best insulation, that's a lot of wasted energy. A tankless water heater generates zero waste. It heats the water instantly as you use it instead of keeping it hot, regardless if anyone uses it.

Any size household will save up to 50% on natural gas usage by switching to a tankless water heater. Lower gas billssave money on heating your water Working 80-year old tankless using the same copper heat exchanger technology as modern tanklesses.

Benefits of Tankless water heater

Conventional hot water tanks take up at least 4 - 6 square feet of floor space. Tankless water heaters are highly space efficient and compact. Benefits of Tankless water heaterThey can be mounted on any wall - in the basement, in a utility or laundry room, outdoors, or even in a kitchen or bathroom.
At housing prices of typically $400/sf, a tankless can save up to 3'x3', or add $3600 in saved space alone!

Tankless heaters conserve energy, which means they're better for the environment.Visit commercial installtions water tank free estimate tanklessfor more info. Look for HVAC, gas water heater, energy factor > 0.80
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  • Environmentally friendly
    Tankless water heaters have very low emissions compared to conventional hot water tanks.

Benefits of Tankless water heaterTank heaters keep the water hot 24/7. Even though the jacket is insulated, there is a constant convective heat loss through the 3" center flue pipe. Also the large bottom burner area is not insulated. Therefore, the tank turns on full-fire every day just to re-warm the water, even when you are on vacation. Tank heaters have a standing pilot, some 500-1000 btu, burning every second of the year. Tankless heaters have no standby losses and have electronic ignitions. The average efficiency of a tank heater is 56% versus the tankless with an efficiency of 86%.

U.S. Government EPA Energy Rating (Note: EPA uses a natural gas price of 63¢/therm) while PG&E prices hit $1.63 (2005-6) winter, OVER TWICE AS MUCH SAVINGS will result for you!

Benefits of Tankless water heater
This tankless was still
working after 80-years
when it was replaced.

No Tank to leak - a Lifetime Appliance
Tank heaters are doomed to break. Sediment from the water collects on the bottom of the tank where the burner fires. This sediment acts as a insulator causing heat stresses on the bottom of the tank. That cracks the glass lining, which protects the steel, and you soon have a leak on the bottom of your heater.

The average life a tank heater is 10-12 years. The tankless, on the other hand, has all waterways made of copper and brass. It's lifetime is much more like a furnace or a boiler, 20-40 years.